We are a preferred choice amongst exhibitors for all of their exhibition needs. With our comprehensive exhibition management packages, you can concentrate fully on furthering your business. Our extensive exhibitions industry experience allows us to tailor-make service plans for our clients whilst being mindful of budgetary constraints.

Comnet Design offers holistic and complete exhibitions management services to enable our clients to focus completely on marketing & showcasing their products.

Project Management / Events

Comnet Design has extensive experience in project management, and a proven track record in successfully organizing an array of events. Our belief is that the key to a successful corporate event is effectively looking after every detail. This is why, at Comnet, through our broad range of industry partners and experienced management team, we are able to provide our clients with the finest quality service to meet the financial and logistical needs of each project.

We provide the following range of services:

  • Complete Event Administration
  • Venue Identification and Hire
  • Decor & Design
  • Invitation Design and Production
  • Catering & Hospitality Services
  • Entertainment
  • Transport & Logistics, etc

Retail Design

With the right retail design, the all-important consumer experience can be enhanced in order for a brand to effectively engage with its customers. Our team is experienced in curating a brand personality and bringing its values to life. Retail design is of utmost importance in the digital age where brand experience must be richer and more meaningful to raise consumer interactions.

The Comnet retail design team delivers behaviour-transforming retail and marketing solutions, including 3D design and point of sale displays from inception to final production. Our design services range from architecture, space planning & environmental branding through styling, to custom furniture and detailing.

Store Planning

Comnet Design is well-experienced in store planning by providing state-of-the-art design solutions. Effectively designed stores augment customer understanding and have a tangible impact on the footfall and sales of a brand.

A well-designed store is the ultimate opportunity for a brand to completely immerse their customers in the brand experience. Our design collaterals are known to provide optimal results in customer circulation, sight lines, aisles, location, adjacencies and more.

Brand Identity

We help you emerge with simple, strong identities that clearly convey your brand ethos through visual communication. Our team works closely with you to enhance your brand language to make it communicate elegantly with prospective buyers.